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Saint Barkley is an emerging shoe brand from Bandung, Indonesia. It was found by David and Alvi at the junior high reunion somewhere on 2012. The idea was to have a business that different from other (Bandung was too crowded with clothing business). So they decided to start a shoes business, the name was VII (Seven), and then changed to Saint Barkley.


The challenge was to make new local shoes brand, and convince local people with age differentiation to wear the shoes. From trial and error, hurdles and roadblocks, suggestion from friends and those who wore Saint Barkley at very first time, they concluded that this business was not as easy as it seemed to run and need special treatment during the development.

Team Expansion.

From 2 person, the team now consists of 6 person. The purpose is to focus the detailed job into specific person. David role is designing the shoes and a bit supporting the production supervision at the factory. Ardi role is supervising the production at the factory and take care the production needs related to material supply and the keeping the production timeline ontime. Alvi role is keeping the financial running smoothly. Ozom and Ami role are promoting and distributing the brand image especially at the social media and taking care special events that supported by Saint Barkley. And Ei roles is supporting all functions above as required.

Future Plan(s).

Gain more artist endorsement and some collaboration by producing artist series with limited edition. Some musicians are already supported by Saint Barkley, Ade (pure Saturday), Fajar (Rosemary), Yas,Ubey, &  Athink (Alone At Last), Dochi (Pee Wee Gaskins), Dicky (Alice), and many more, not just musician but also athlete, currently Saint Barkley supporting some long board athletes. And the next plan is exporting the shoes to neighbor countries.

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